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Fuzzy Juggling Team

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The Fuzzy Juggling crew

Here's more than you probably want to know about us...

Fuzzy was made three years ago by Nick and Chris at a little toown in Greece!We played for ourselves in houses and forests but when he summer was on whe rushed to the beach just to show people what we do and probably more will come to us and join!Devilsticks and diabolo were the main attraction and we decided after one year to do fire juggling that was more frustrating!So we started fire diabolo and devilsticks on fire and we managed not to be afraid of this and do fire breathing!

Well more people added to the team playing pois and more diabolo!!!!
The team was finaly .....a team cause it had four peple than two!!!!
Started playin in beach parties and beach clubs just for fun!!More and more people wanted us to play at their parties and clubs so we practiced a lot to be perfect so the audience will be satisfied!

Team members:

One of the first tem members and team manager!Plays diabolo staff and does contact juggling such as fire breathing!

The second member and also a team manager.Plays davilsticks and does fire juggling

New members in the team!!!!

Staff,pois,diabolo and devilsticks added in the team!People how love juggling and practice a lot!!!

More members biographies coming soon!